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Flovicam is an IT development company specializing in the creation of tailor-made websites, web and mobile applications to meet the needs of its customers.

About Us

Flovicam is an IT development company specializing in the creation of tailor-made websites, web and mobile applications to meet the needs of its customers. In addition, we are able to support you beyond your initial request. By helping you to:

  • take the height to design your IT development project in a global way;
  • think about features you might not have thought of;
  • inspire you with examples of projects we have already carried out;
  • redefine your operating processes to streamline your data flows;
  • rethink the interactions between your different collaborators to increase efficiency;
  • offer more added value to your customers by providing them with a personalized customer area;

We develop tailor-made applications that will allow you to dematerialize your procedures. with the main expected benefits:

Simplicity: tailor-made IT development adapts to the user. During the design, we take particular care to simplify ergonomics from a user point of view, in order to facilitate its use. In addition, we can ensure that the solution is accessible from anywhere on any terminal;
Time saving: our goal is to save you time by eliminating all superfluous operations. Thus, your teams will be able to concentrate on tasks with high added value;
Flexibility: If you want to make your IT developments evolve, we remain at your side to answer you and quickly implement updates.
Security: We implement security measures for access, integrity and backup of your data.


We offer you quality services at a lower cost.


In the digital age it is more than recommended for professionals to have their own website.

What is a website?

A website is an online platform that is reserved for one or more activities for a brand or a person. It is a group of pages accessible from an internet browser, for example Google, which are organized to present a subject. Most brands have a website and for good reason, in the digital age they are essential to communicate and sell.

There are different types of websites, more or less advanced in their design. We are at your disposal for you custom-made any type of website in particular.

  • Landing page
  • Showcase websites
  • Blogs
  • The e-shops
  • ect.
Web application

a web application or wep app is a program that runs on a PC with a web server while users interact with it from a web browser, regardless of whether the browser is on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

a web application makes it possible to offer services to a general public it is also recommended during the dematerialization of procedures and the limitation of errors and theft in business.

As such it will allow you to manage your school, your production, your employees, your orders, your budget, your hospital and many others.

There are many advantages to web application development; among which:

  • Faster access
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Content security
  • ect.
Mobile app

A mobile application is first and foremost software. A program that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet that includes a file that is installed and then executed by the operating system of your mobile.

Like websites, which are listed in search engines, mobile applications are available on marketplaces, again depending on the type of mobile device used. Most mobile applications are distributed from download platforms depending on your phone's operating system:

  • Play Store for Android. (Samsung laptop or tablets for example)
  • App Store for iOS. (Apple)
  • Windows Store for Windows Mobile.

Applications can also be available locally, i.e. installed directly by the publisher on a mobile device (phone or tablet) without going through blinds.